Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gift Of Friendship

Many riders, friends, and family have known that I was planning to ride from home (Wilmette, IL) to Washington Island, WI, as the tee shirt reads, just a little above Door County. I would leave Saturday, May 23rd, Memorial Day weekend, ride with the Bagel Boys to Once Upon A Bagel in Highland Park, and then head north to Sheboygan for Day 1 of a two day, 265 mile ride.

Mark and Jeff, the best riding buddies one could want for, met me at my alley at 5:15 a.m.

Leaving Palms Restaurant

Their bikes were loaded with panniers for what reason totally eluded me. After noshing on bagels and more, some of the Bagel Boys headed home and some headed north for the Saturday Kenosha ritual ride. Mark, Jeff and their panniers were some of the "headed north riders".

Leaving OUAB for Wash Is

The fork in the road would be Rt 50 and 22nd Ave. in Kenosha where all would head south to home and I would head north to Sheboygan and beyond. 22nd Ave. came, I turned north and so did Mark and Jeff.

Took me a number of more miles to figure out they were riding with me!! Took me even more miles to figure out they were riding all the way to Sturgeon Bay with me!! Totally blew me away. Best surprise gift I think I have ever received.

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