Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2-->Washington Island

At bed time said we should have winds from the east at 3-5 mph all the way to Sturgeon. But, the weather god changed his attitude between bed time and ride time. Winds were a steady 20 mph out of the north, our direction of travel, gusting to greater. Coming off the lake it was a cold, slow, hard ride.

Alaska, WI
No wonder we were cold!

Kunkel's Korner in Kewaunee seemed quite welcoming, despite its menu of more down-home-deep fried cuisine for what your heart may desire, but not need.

It was the day before Memorial Day so the small town communities along the way were bedecked in honor:

Manitowoc Church Sign Board

Memorial Day Float Outside Manitowoc

We stopped at a Walgreens just as we entered Sturgeon Bay to ask directions to the Super 8. How often have you ridden into town and been told to ride 1 block, take a left, and the bike path will take you directly to the front door of the Super 8. Wow!! How much better can you get than that??

The go was so slow today I would not be able to make the last ferry across from Northport to Washington Island. I held up in Sturgeon, had an awesome dinner in Egg Harbor (Trio--I'd highly recommend it)with Mark and Jeff, and hit the hay for an early departure Memorial Day morning with hopes of catching the 9:00 a.m. ferry.

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