Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Eternal, Eternal Spring

So if this doesn't look like much to get excited about, in terms of a harbinger of Spring, it is a confirmation you have not lived in the northern climes in 2009.

There were other Spring sightings today on my 56 mile ride:

  • Despite the 45 degree temperature, there were runners along the Lake Front in short pants and short sleeve shirts
  • There were actually people lying on the sand at Oak Street Beach
  • The Chicago River Taxi was up and running and the Tour Boats were being washed down for service
  • The piers and buoys were in--no boats yet, but I bet the early birds will be in this weekend
  • Millennium Bike Parking is open, but most all of the bike stands are full of the city's bikes-for-rent. Wonder when they'll be moved out to their rental venues?
  • I actually shed some of my layers en route home, a first I think

I think all of these are signs worth of a Woo Hoo!

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