Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gates Pass--Tucson

Chicago is in the 30's (real feel 20's); Eugene, OR is in the damp, chilly 40's; and I am desperately trying to recover from chills, fever, and bronchitis to ride in 500 miles in Arizona. Given that, there is nothing better than stepping off the plane to a blast of March Arizona heat--mid 80's. LOVE it.

Rebuild the bike and be ready for Rob from MN, Mark and Jeff from Wilmette to arrive at Daniel's for a pre-Desert Camp ride out to check out our equipment and see if last year's sunscreen still works.

Destination: Saguaro Cactus Museum via Gates Pass




Gates Pass, east to west, is not nearly the push as it is from the other direction, but I wheezed, huffed, puffed, and generally sounded like an end-stage ephasemic; but I made it--woo hoo!

Gage Pass
Rob, me, and Jeff

Gage Pass_M,J
Mark and Jeff

Here's the profile of our climb:Gates Pass Profile

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