Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday Before Eugene, OR

Oh my gosh, March 6th, 2009, 57 degrees! WooHoo. Cleared my calendar and rode to Kenosha, my longest ride of the year--85 miles.

Sounded like a good idea, but 30 miles into the ride I realized 57 degrees isn't so warm after all, especially with the cold wind blowing off Lake Michigan and as the temp steadily dropped to 50. By the time I got home I was chilled to the bone, a relentless chill that wouldn't warm; a relentless chill that turned into the flu that turned into bacterial bronchitis replete with chills and fever for 5 days. Bryan welcomed me into his home in Eugene, even though I was not very good company--so sick.

Ended up in Eugene's Urgent Care, excellent care. A script for antibiotics will hopefully give me an edge to being ready to ride 500+ miles with PAC Tour's Desert Camp in AZ beginning March 13th!

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