Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desert Camp--Tucson-->Tombstone

Yesterday's ride up Gates Pass gave me pause about my ability to climb out of Tucson and arrive in Tombstone without respiratory support. I gave notice I'd do the best I could but I may need to SAG a few miles, if my respiratory distress became a ride stopper.

Route Profile_Tucson_Tombstone
Route profile--Tucson-->Tombstone--click on picture to zoom in.

The day was cool--I donned leg, arm, ear, and finger covers till mid-day. The sky was blue-blue and the wind was friendly. What more could a Midwesterner want after winter's relentless siege?

By rest stop #1 about 20 miles into the ride I was breathing hard, but was grateful I had seemed to have made some really decent recovery progress over the last 24 hours. Maybe I could make it after all. I pulled into rest stop 2 gasping and sucking air from wherever I could find it. Took 10 minutes before I could fill my water bottle and head out to lunch at mile 56.

Lunch was really scary. Thought I was going to pass out. Recovered enough to get back on the bike and ride the 20 mile downhill I had surely earned. I willingly accepted a SAG up the final ten mile pull into Tombstone.

Spent the evening doing body work and praying I'd be ready for tomorrow's ride to Willcox.

Alan Street In Tombstone

Mark and Jeff arriving in Tombstone ready to wash their bikes.

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