Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desert Camp--Tombstone-->Willcox

Arizona blue sky; sun warming the night chill; riders weary from yesterday's ride, scuffing the dirt of Allen Street in search of morning coffee; and the welcome opening of the Long Horn breaking the fast before our ride from Tombstone to Willcox.

Breakfast in Tombstone
Breakfast At Longhorn's--the first of about 6 at this memorable establishment.

Today was pure delight, only half the climbing as yesterday, pleasant conversation along the miles, and despite 20 or so miles on I-10, I don't think any of us flatted as a result of the delaminants from truck tires.

Marlene before her morning coffee--click pix to zoom in

Lunch on the way to Willcox
Roger, Mark, Jeff, Rob, and Susan at lunch 20 miles out of Willcox

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