Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desert Camp Launches The 2009 Riding Season

I won't do another winter like this one, no way, no how. Endless bone-penetrating cold and record snows that kept me indoors in the trainer for 3 solid months. While Kirk and I had an awesome January get-away on the South American/Antarctic Cruise, my life-giving training, indeed, took a hit.

Before the first snow blanketed Wilmette, IL, I had registered for week 4 of PAC Tour's Desert Camp--The Chiricahua Challenge--in Arizona.It's the best of all worlds--some point-to-point touring, but also several nights in the same hotel--about 500 miles.

Willcox-->Chiricahua Monument-->Willcox

I've ridden enough with PAC now that PAC is as much about riding as it is reunioning with good friends; this year 1/3 of the riders would be old friends, including Mark and Jeff who live just 3 blocks from me in Wilmette.

First group of riders ready to leave Tucson for Tombstone

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