Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chiricahua Monument

Another glorious day. There is something about the desert, the rocks, the mountains, the grasses, the cactus that call and anchor me.


The Chiricahua Mountains are a range of inactive volcanoes that rise from the valley floor to over 9,000'. Violent geologic activity continued for millions of years forming pinnacles, columns,and spires of balanced rocks. The Apache called it "The Land of Standing-Up Rocks".



Lots of climbing for today through forests of rock formation and evergreens with a rich fragrance of Christmas conifers.

Never had to have my blood pressure checked before a climb before. But that was the operative at the base of the final climb that would take us to 6,800'. When I hit 5,800' my lungs went into spasm again, so I forewent the final 3 mile, 1,000' climb.

This is what my profile looked like MINUS the last 1,000 feet.

Chiricahua Mounument Route Profile
click on the pix to see the detail.

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