Monday, January 19, 2009

Montevideo, Uruguay--a missed adventure

The 100 miles from Buenos Aires to Montevideo should have found us docked in the wee hours of Sunday morning. We set a wake-up call for 7:00 to be ready for a private tour of the city--not a Cicerones-type tour, but an already-paid-for-it-type tour.

A good clue should have been the screech-screeech-screeeeching of the whole boat's anatomy that made falling asleep a little challenging. And then there was the premature wake-up call at 3:40 a.m. And finally, the Captain's announcement during breakfast that we never made it into port at Montevideo due to gale-force winds in the channel. We would be anchored an hour and a half from shore for an undetermined period of time.

Port we did, at 5:00 p.m., 8 hours after we were to have met our tour guide.  I was duly impressed with Kirk's negotiation skills in Spanish that yielded the promise of a 50% return on our booking fee.

We found a self-guided walking tour map of the historic city which was a montage of past glory, abandoned present, and 3rd world dogs whose ribs were as visible as their poop-on-sidewalks. Even McDonalds and Burger King were closed on Sunday afternoon.

Glory-past Abandoned

Past glory, abandoned present

Montevideo Waste Management

Montevideo Waste Management, maybe?


Teatro Solis Montevideo                                 Hope for renaissance

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