Saturday, January 24, 2009

Esperanza & Arctowski--Scientific Stations In Antarctica

Most of the ship was awake and on deck for our arrival in Hope Bay on the Trinity Peninsula, home to Esperanza Station, an Argentine Research Base. I've never seen so many monstrous camera lenses assembled in one place, ever! My little point and shoot seemed truly like a toy. 

Temperature today was in the high 30's, but the wind was 40-50 mph. Of course that's tame compared to the winter weather when it hits -50 Fahrenheit with 100-120 mph winds. Imagine a baby seal being born, wet, slithering out of its amniotic sac landing on an ice berg under those conditions. Within a week it is ready for its first swim where the weather conditions are actually warmer than on land, never getting below -1.

Click on the picture to zoom in. The orange buildings at the edge of the water is the research station.

Again, click on the pix to zoom in. These little "bergy bits" floated by our balcony about the same time a whale did its blow, showed his broad back, and gracefully slipped his tail back under the sea.

One of the Polish scientists from the Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station boarded our ship and talked about the work they are doing in the fields of marine biology, oceanography, seismology, geomorphology, glaciology, meteorology, climatology, seismology, magnetism, and ecology. The station can accommodate up to 70 people in the summer and 20 during the winter.

Click on the pic to zoom in. The yellow buildings are those of the Arctowski Station.


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Susan said...

incredible.. we have more snow but i guess it is summer there.