Monday, January 19, 2009

El Cisne For Breakfast

Before leaving for the port to board the cruise ship, we breakfasted at El Cisne, just a block from our hotel. We entertained ourselves to the point of disruptive laughter reading the earnest translations from Spanish to English:


English Menu Translation
Postre Desert Prostrate
Entrada Appetizer Entrances
  No idea Chopped and Charts
  No idea about a span or blow Spans, blows, anchovies, and olives
  Still no idea Spans with Golf Sauce
  Presumably a salad bar Salt Bar he/she chooses
  Your guess Sandwiches of it crumbs
  Maybe fried egg? Egg to the iron
  Stuffed Pizza and Calzones Padded Pizza and Shorts
    Specialties in meats and pigs
  Glazed fish Fish taken a bath in candy, with bottom of greeness
  Pork Medallions Locket of meager loins

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