Monday, January 19, 2009

Cicerones In Buenos Aires

Good to know that in many large cities world-wide you might be able to request a personal tour directed by a volunteer guide (Cicerones); a tour of your choosing and better yet, it's free! There are those who love their home so much they want to share some of their city's richness with you.

So Mariana (I don't think we ever knew her last name) met us, Kirk's Rotary friend, Mario from Arrecifes, (about 100 miles from Buenos Aires), and Mario's 26-year old son Sebastian. We spent about 3 1/2 hours walking and cabbing as many high sites as we had energy for after a 13 hour flight and a gain of four clock hours.

Memorables included:

  • Recoleta Cemetary--home now to Eva Perone
  • The Pink House--Ceremonial House of the President
  • Gran Cafe Tortoni--150 year old Coffee House where the intellectuals and notables (like Hillary) sip coffee and discourse
  • Subte--the subway that only cost 70 cents (US)

Pictures will follow when Mario emails me his pix.

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