Monday, September 08, 2008

Why For New Hampsire??

Barb and I have been following each other around the country since about 1987: first with Parkside, when we both were her employees. When Parkside went belly-up in the early 90’s, thanks to Managed Care, Barb and I went our own professional ways, but our friendship endured. We found some creative ways to stay connected across the miles and years: this NH tour being our most creative.

A year ago I told her I planned to do the GA Tour in 2008 and in 2009 I’d ride out to NH to see her. She said: “Well, why not 2008? I’ll do you one better. You ride out to Chautauqua, NY; I’ll meet you there; you can ride and I’ll drive visiting museums, yarn shops, alpaca farms, and then we can swap stories at night”. Sounded good to me. So August 23rd would begin my door-to-door, 13 day, 7 state, 1,100 mile +/- “NH Tour“--my door in Wilmette, IL to her door in Stoddard, NH.

One of the many joys of this tour would be that I would only have to carry all my gear for the first, flat 535 miles. Then I could off load all the weight and put it in her B.O.B. (Beast Of Burden), a Subaru Impreza. Plus, I could even drop ship some creature-comfort kinds of things to her which she could carry: what a luxury.

I would ride my Lightning P-38, rather than my Touring Volae, since the P-38 is a much better climber AND because I could fit the P-38 in her Subaru, should a SAG be necessary. The Volae would need an external racking system for her car--hardly worth the expense and hassle for a contingency that hopefully would not be necessary. Plus, the P-38 fits in an airline compatible suitcase; the Volae clearly is not airline compatible.

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