Monday, September 08, 2008

ONYA Day 3--Cazenovia—Second Mechanical

Today will be remembered as a hilly day. In fact, there were over 5,000 feet of climbing in 25 miles, the last 25 miles of an 83 mile day. These were long, 1-3 mile climbs at a 6-12% grade. That there was an equal amount of descending is when it became eminently apparent that I basically had no rear brake. Yes, the lever moved, albeit sluggishly, but no matter how hard the lever was squeezed, nothing did it do in terms of stopping, or even slowing the wheel from going round and round.

It’s kind of funny: one of my worst fears was not having brakes during mountain descents. Maybe these weren’t truly mountains, but the effect was nearly the same; and I wasn’t scared. It was one of those: “It is what it is” things and you just deal with it. I think, quite honestly, I hadn’t had a rear brake since I left Jamestown. But, the descents were just not severe enough that my reality had not been brought to bear.

After our share of Triple C rated motels, it was a special treat to land in a Zaggat-esque historic hotel, The Lincklaen House. Not sure how to say it, but ALL the amenities were there to comfort my weary body.

Pix: Hilly Day and Lincklaen Hotel

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