Monday, September 08, 2008

ONYA Day 2--Canandaigua—August 30th

My first day w/o re-routes and bonus miles. Good roads. Barb and I arrived at the same time at our next memorable motel, The Lafayette Motel. We were greeted by a monstrous stick bug on our ceiling, a “kitchen” table in the center of the room whose legs would fall of if slightly moved; more postage stamp-sized soap; no plugs for the sink drains, and evidence that there were permanent summer residents who lived at the motel—maybe they were summer workers at the local horse track? Or other summer, tourist industry?

We had time to wander the streets of town, find a Starbucks and lots of beauty to counter balance the eccentricities of the motel.

Re: the pix--the bug, (I rescued it and put it outside and Barb accidentally stepped on it), the note was posted by the owner on the door to the kitchen used by the resident summer workers, and the table, well there it is balancing on its dismembered 4th leg.

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