Monday, September 08, 2008

Leaving Home For La Porte, IN--August 23rd

Today’s destination would be La Porte, IN. I met Dave, at Swedish Covenant Hospital. We rode out together to the South Shore Cultural Center at 71st and South Shore Drive.

I had accidentally happened on to the fact that the lake front would be teeming with Accenture Triathletes both Saturday and Sunday. So, Dave and I routed through Chicago’s city streets till we got to Roosevelt when we cut east for the Lake Front Path. What neither of us knew was that the AIDS Walk would be filling the Path all the way to the South Shore Cultural Center. We slalomed through a sea of passionate, slow walkers, many questionably blessed with steatopygia.

92nd street greeted me with a raised draw bridge. Fun to watch the tug and barge, but oh my, getting out of Chicago was a slooow go.

Hammond is always a blight, but today it was both blight and just the beginning of what would be a recurring theme--re-routes due to construction--which would add anywhere from 4-20 miles to my daily fare.

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