Monday, September 08, 2008

ONYA First Night--Colonial Motel -- Portageville, NY

Barb had the thankless job of selecting/reserving motels along our ONYA route. The first turned out to give us much about which to laugh and ponder.

For starters, several nights before we arrived, the owner called Barb to ask if a King bed would be ok instead of two Queens. No, Barb said, the King would not do.

Registration began to tell the story. First, the lobby was filled with Christian tracts, flyers, and feed-the-hungry-children-in-India posters. The proprietress was a 30-something mother of a 6 month-old, and terribly weary from the labors of life. The motel was up for sale. Despite living 3 miles from the famed Letchworth Park, a wonderful place that surely would have been claimed as a National Park had the East been settled after the West, the proprietress and her husband had never it yet visited—life was too full of busy-ness, but maybe not business.

Our room was memorable. Neat and clean it was, but the essentials and amenities were sorely lacking. The good news was that the Gideons had found The Colonial, something that could not be said for La Porte’s Mayflower several nights before. There was no bedside table, and therefore, no bedside lamp; no alarm clock, no phone. There were electrical outlets, but for some reason they were about 4 feet off the floor and in the oddest locations around the room. Postage stamp-sized soap was again the soap du jour, and towels were sized for 4 year olds. But funniest of all were the four framed pictures on the wall—they were all the same picture; I kid you not, the same picture.

Barb and I concluded they were truly in the process of selling the place and had only a couple of tourist-ready rooms. When we declined the King bed room, they had to quick ready, best they could one that had already been put to bed for the sale. Maybe?? Maybe not. Best we could come up with.

A quick visit to Letchworth Park and a 13 mile test ride of the bike after all the futzing at the Jamestown Bike Shop; snacks for dinner and to bed, thus ending Day 1 of our shared ONYA.

Pix: Letchworth Falls and Barb

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