Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cooperstown--I Had No Idea

I truly had no idea all of Cooperstown was about baseball. I naively thought it had a museum and that was it! Cooperstown is baseball. Oh, there are other museums in the environs, but they pale in the shadow of the pomp and circumstance of the boys of summer. Oh, how I wish Kirk could have been there.

Barb visited the Fenimore Art Museum while I tried to take in all I could of the lore of baseball.

Today I also "got it" that this was a wonderful way to see the country--ride 80 miles and then sightsee. Always I had been about packing in the miles to get there. Barb was teaching me there was another way. Slow learner that I am.

Coming into town on my bike I passed the Glimmer Glass Opera House, a funny name I thought. But all of Cooperstown is on Otsego Lake, which is an Indian word which when loosely translated means to glimmer as on glass, which the lake does when especially calm.

Our Lake 'N Pines Motel was nestled in a valley between two grand ridges on Otsego Lake, itself. It was foggy when we awoke but it had burned off enough by the time I was ready to leave ahead of Barb. All that came to a grinding halt when I reached US 20, my primary route all the way to Albany. The traffic light was not visible, nor could I see as much as a bike length ahead of me. How would I be seen, even with all my lights on?? I headed back to the motel for breakfast with Barb to give the day another hour to wipe the sleep from its eyes.

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