Monday, September 08, 2008

Auburn, IN August 24th

For many, especially mountain goat cyclists, the flats of the mid west are nothing short of boring. I, however, since a small child driving over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we did go through the fallow fields for Thanksgiving in Nokomis, IL, have found the fields of corn and bean a sacred space, a holy place. The velvet ribbon that was my road, bordered by now elephant eye high corn and blankets of beans so verdant and soft I could be restored simply by imaging a brief rest on their tops.

After 111 miles in the heat and humidity similar to the day before (a lot), and 11 bonus miles of re-routes thanks to construction, I pulled into Auburn’s only full service grocery store to pick up some essentials. Now what’s the chance that I would bump into Mike, Katie’s father-in-law, there to pick up some ingredients for dinner!! And, you know what else? He carried my purchases home in his car saving me having to load them on my bike. Mighty nice.

Pix: Mike and Cindy in Auburn and a landmark totem for an Indiana Post Office.

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