Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Words

Albertville, Atalla, and Anniston, Alabama places I'd never heard of before but which have become part of my memoryscape for sure.

Huntsville to Anniston is about 113 miles, too far in one day hauling gear up 4,600'. So I left Huntsville's flowering beauty and cacophonous, or maybe just humorous pluralism, for Albertville, AL. If I try real hard, I can say Alburvull. I try to blend but not sure I do a very good job. Albertville was pretty humble as evidenced by its shopping mall next to the Micro Tel. However, it got 4 stars for hospitality. I needed to email my route to Roger, another PAC Tour friend, whom I would meet the next day in Atalla, AL in the WalMart parking lot. The Micro Tel had no computer access but they were most gracious and called over to the Jameson about 1/3 of a mile away and made arrangements for me to use their guest computer. Nice.

Roger's wife, Peggy, drove him to the Atalla WalMart. Before we rolled out she offered to carry my panniers in her car to their house where I'd be overnighting. Oh my gosh, what freedom to not have to carry the gear!! Roger and I clipped along averaging 2 mph faster than I had averaged the whole trip. Loved it.

After lunch Roger, Peggy and I drove most of my route in what was left of AL. Hard to believe I would soon be in my 6th and final state of this GA Tour. There was a steep 800' mountain pass, probably just a bump to the locals, on a curvy road known as buttermilk (if you put a bottle of milk in the car at the beginning of the road it will be buttermilk by the time you get to the end because the road is so churny) with a lot of rush hour traffic and three BAD angled rail road tracks. Roger offered to drive me to the other side of these obstacles the following morning.

My Self-Talk was speaking to me: I will ask for and accept help. I said: Let's do it.

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