Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opryland Respite

Two dates served as mid and endpoint anchors for this Tour to GA--April 14th the date Kirk had booked months and months ago for us at Gaylord's Opryland, and April 23rd the date I was to present my 2006 Southern Transcontinental Cycling Tour to the 300+ member Columbus, GA Rotary Club. I had to make Nashville by April 14th come hell or high water, I think that's how the expression goes. I won't go so far as to say the dark, foggy, windy, COLD, rainy six days days preceding my arrival in Nashville, were hell, but I had, indeed, found the high water.

Thanks to Steve's lift from Smiths Grove to Nahsville, I made it to Opryland within a couple hours of Kirk's arrival by air.

Opryland reminded me of a land-locked cruise ship. Lots of places to walk, eat, browse (though there was nothing I could even muster a want for), and the sound of waterfalls outside our patio door. Oh, and lest I forget the leaf mime.

I think I finally got warm in Nashville.

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