Friday, April 18, 2008

Made It To Kentucky

Day 5, Left Vincennes, IN and headed to Owensboro, KY, my 3rd state on this Tour.

Another high, 25 mph cross wind, now from the west. At least the wind burn on the left side of my face would now be matched by the new on on my right side. No rain, that's a blessing. But, the wind chill is in the low-mid 30's again. Ended this day with 3,500' of climbing, preceded by climbing 3,375 into Vincennes the day before. Climbing short, steep hills I work up quite a sweat, then freeze on the downhill or flats with my wet shirts. By Lynnville, IN I'm looking for anyplace to duck in, a barn, garage, house, anything to fill up my water bottles, pee, and hopefully change out my wet shirts for dry ones from inside my panniers.

Nothing. Petersburg, Winslow, Arthur, Spurgeon, Somerville--they do have names and are on the map, but they must be smaller than Birds, IL, the bustling metropolis of 51. So, no respite at any of these. Start to pray in earnest. When up ahead I see a church steeple. Hope. But would anybody be home? Grace abounds. It's Saturday and the good church folks are out in a legion of 6 doing much needed church clean-up and repairs. The church is sided only in tar paper. They're glad to let me take literal sanctuary in their restroom to make the necessary changes.

10 more miles and I'm in Boonville. My spirits lighten because Boonville is only 30 miles from Owensboro. While the population of Boonville is 6,000+ and is the Warwick County Seat, it has the retro look and feel of a town stuck in the 50's, and that may be giving it 10 years worth of youthful credit. I stopped at the Locust Street Cafe, at the recommendation of some construction workers. It took 25 minutes to prepare 2 poached eggs and some fried potatoes. Another diner, a woman about my age, probably, but who looked like she had lived life hard, had a wandering eye and hearing aids. She was wondering where she could buy a reticulated bike like mine. I asked her if she had a computer, and if so she could Google for the nearest Recumbent dealer to her. Well, she didn't have a computer, but BoBo did. Well, check with BoBo, maybe he can help you out.

Flooding was pretty severe in these regions. I thought I was crossing the White River, but it was the flood before the White I first saw. (See pix above)

I really wanted to take a picture of the Ohio River for my canoeing friend, Valerie. Alas, no good Ohio River pix. The bridge is 1/2 mile long, 2 lane, no shoulders, a fair amount of traffic, and high winds blowing me all over the bridge. Just relieved to have made it across without losing traction while crossing the expansion joints, or getting blown into the oncoming traffic lane in the presence of another car.

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