Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Made It--927 Miles

Only had 50 miles to go but they seemed like waiting-for-Christmas-as-a-kid-slow in coming. Called Kirk's mom, Mary, 6 miles out from her house. At age 87 she ducked out of her FT job early to raise the garage door for me, sort of like Motel 6 leaving the light on for you.

That I pedaled 927 miles, climbed a total of 29,459' (averaged 2,104' climbing per day), that I had no flats, no mechanicals, no need for Counter Assault Bear Spray (although I must have sweet talked at least 30 dogs off my heels), no threatening cars, is all still sinking in.

That while this was an unsupported ride (no support vehicles), I had tons of support, some planned and lots unplanned:

Kirk--well, he's my alpha and omega but in this context he was my prime encourager and lest we forget he rode the first 3 miles with me.

Loribeth Cohen of Re:Fit Inc. who has helped me manage and maintain my physical recovery readying for this Tour.

Suzanne Joseph, friend and PT/Manual Therapist of Center IMT Chicago

Dave E--rode twelve Chicago lake front miles with me.

Rhonda and Marian who ate dinner with me in Manteno, IL.

LeRoy and Joyce south of Sidney, IL who dried my clothes and carried me to Charleston, IL in their truck.

Bill who carried my bike, gear, and me across the flooded road on his tractor near Vincennes, IN.

Steve and Marianne who gave me a sabbath day in Smiths Grove, KY and drove me to Nashville, TN when I had NO LEGS.

Shirley and Charlie who rode from Cornersville, TN to Huntsville, AL with me and let me overnight at their house (and cat-sit Puddy).

Roger who rode with me from Atalla, AL to Anniston, AL (there are those A words again) and who drove me over the buttermilk mountain in rush hour.

Peggy, Roger's wife, who opened their house to another cyclist.

Earl Russell of Cycle Smithy for taking my calls day or night advising me on bike stuff I know nothing about.

Joe Reichert of Amlings Cycles for his encouragement, supplies, and advice.

Joe Ebberhardt of Village Cycle Sport who has been supporting my cycling ventures since May 4th 2001--the date I purchased my first recumbent bike, the one I crashed on May 5th, 2001.

Rolf Garthus and Scott Cole of The Hostel Shoppe for introducing me to the Volae Century ES, the bike that carried me from Wilmette, IL to Columbus, GA.

Bryan, Daniel, and Katie--our adult kids who are by biggest fans and supporters.

Legions of treatment professionals, church friends, cycling friends, friends and colleagues working their own recovery and guiding others to find recovery for themselves.

There's a thing that we PAC Tour riders call PED--Post Event Depression. I'm there. I've been planning this event for 9 months. I love being on the road. This tour is over. It's a real mixture of sad/glad.

I'll soon begin planning my NH Tour scheduled to launch late August, 2008.

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