Thursday, April 24, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

I would cross the line into GA at about mile 40. When it happened I wanted to stop and call a bunch of folks and shout WooHoo, but forewent the frivolous pleasure and pedaled on to Franklin, GA to the Village Cafe Inn. It was another of those places, like the Locust Cafe in Booneville, IN where it took 25 minutes to get two poached eggs and some hash browns. Also like the Locust Cafe there were some neighborly locals who were most curious about my routes, travels, weather, more, and more. I actually amended the last 20 miles of my route to Lagrange, GA based on my conversation with a retired trucker who had hauled cross country for 48 years. Figured he knew a thing or two more about the roads than I.

My first night and last night were in "high class" hotels--Country Inn and Suites and The Holiday Inn Express. Pulling in to the HI Express I felt a world of weight melt away. It was the first night I fell asleep without an anxiety ball in my stomach wondering if I had what it took to go the distance the next day. Lagrange even had a Starbucks. I walked a mile that evening and again in the morning for my Soy Tea Earl Grey Misto, my comfort bev.

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