Saturday, March 22, 2008

Route Details

Thanks to mapping software and good cycling friends in Kentucky and Alabama my route finally came together. Took about 80 hours of computer work to log in the routes, turn-by-turn. To see the daily details, click first on the city destination. Once the map has loaded, by using the + signs you can zoom in to see each turn. Or, click the - sign and zoom out for the big picture.

Day 1, April 8--Manteno, IL
Day 2, April 9--Paxton, IL
Day 3, April 10--Charleston, IL
Day 4, April 11--Vincennes, IN
Day 5, April 12--Owensboro, KY
Day 6, April 13--Russellville, KY
Day 7, April 14--Nahsville, TN
Day 8, April 15--Franklin, TN
Day 9, April 16--Cornersville, TN
Day 10, April 17--Huntsville, AL
Day 11, April 18--Anniston, AL
Day 12, April 19--Lagrange, GA
Day 13, April 20--Columbus, GA

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Anonymous said...

It's Friday, April 18, 2008, 8:35 AM. TV and radio report a 4:37 AM earthquake, epicenter @ West Salem, IL. You may have felt it, depending on how closely you are to schedule. Two miles below ground, it may have only rattled dishes and shaken weathered cornices off buildings!

I'm awaiting details of your adventure through mid-America, meeting people, experiencing equipment challenges, to say nothing of coping with weather.

God speed. May the rain be behind you, the wind @ your back and the road smooth.
Alice Basoms