Monday, March 31, 2008

Lest I Forget

I'm from a city of 6 million. The potential assailants I'm prepared for run on two legs. My KY and AL cyclist friends asked how I planned to deal with the packs of wild dogs. "The what?", I asked. Yes, they said, the wild dogs, I've been bitten 5 times, he said. Great, just great, I say. How should I prepare? Well, he said, I'd make certain you have the police-style pepper spray. You can get it at any gun shop. Gun shop? I've never been in a gun shop; don't even know where one is.

Well, I went to REI and there I found Assault Grizzly Bear Pepper Spray. Has a shooting range of 30 feet and the canister will empty in 7.2 seconds.

I ride with a hip sack on my left hip and my cell phone clipped to the pouch on my right hip. Probably wherever the wild dogs are will be out of cell phone tower range, so I guess I'll swap out my phone for my Grizzly Spray.

The REI salesperson who helped me with my bear spray said it would be good on the wolves, too. It's sounding better with each person I talk too. But Assualt Spray I now sport.


denise d. said...

hi, iv'e been reading your bent blog off and on for about a year. i'm also a nurse. i am thinking about getting a bent. any advice? i've been riding road bikes for a long time. thanks, denise d.

Susan said...

Denise, would love to chat with you about recumbents. Maybe we could start by your emailing me a little about what kind of riding you've been doing on your road bike(s), what kind of riding you're thinking about doing on a recumbent, and what is appealing to you about making a switch to a recumbent at this time. You can email me at: