Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wickenburg-->Gila Bend

I don't usually get excited about riding in the rain, but rain it did, and excited (almost) I was. I wanted to know how the disc brakes would handle in rain that shared my ride with me for 70 of the 90 miles from Wickenburg to Gila Bend. Handle well they did.

I stopped at the Desert Rose Bar and Grill, in an eye blink of a town by the same name, to reload my water bottle just short of the big climb that would now descend on to the steel bridge. Inside the Bar and Grill it was dark, clandestine, and overseen by a Wise Woman who'd seen much and lived more. She had to be the 1st cousin, or maybe sister to Pancho of Pancho's Happy Bar and Riding club made infamous by the 1983 epic three hour movie I've seen at least 20 times--"The Right Stuff". Remember? "I tell you, we got two categories of pilots around here. We got your prime pilots that get all the hot planes, and we got your pud-knockers who dream about getting the hot planes. Now what are you two pud-knockers going to have, huh? "

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