Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random Acts of Culture and Kindness

Back a day, climbing over Chicago snow banks, we keep remembering random acts of culture and kindness:
  • Eggs sunny side up in Spanish are called Huevos Estrellados which translates Starry Eggs. Ok, we can have sunny eggs and they can have starry ones. That'll work.
  • How about having your Huevos Estrellados perched on top of a Nopal Leaf, which would be a cactus leaf. Actually quite tasty.
  • Can you even imagine speed bumps in the middle of high speed roads? They are there, let me tell you. They're called Topes and they are VERY poorly marked and they are twice the height of our most mountainous ones. You just assume that if cars suddenly slow from 100 km (62 mph) to 40 km (24 mph) it's a tope.
  • And there was Juan Carlos, 16 years old, our server at the 100% Natural in downtown Cancun. He had the hustle and lovability of a Dalmation puppy in training. He'd held this job since he was 15; his mother left him and his family when he was 5 for a better life in North Carolina.
  • Eating shrimp tacos overlooking a dolphin pool where Mama dolphin is putting her 6 week old baby through the paces to become an interactive show dolphin.
  • Our return flight had been delayed two hours which meant we would miss our connection from Mexico City to Chicago. We're sitting in a remote corner of the Cancun Airport near an electrical outlet so I can settle in for a long days work on the computer. A Mexicanna Airlines employee walks by on a totally unrelated mission; pauses and asks us what flight we're on. We tell her and she says: "Follow me. I can get you on a non-stop to Chicago that will get into Chicago earlier than your original flight. I will transfer your bags to the new flight". How often would that happen in the US? How often would a North American initiate a random act of kindness to a Hispanic?

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