Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gila Bend

The road into Gila Bend didn't rate a swell to 4 lanes, but the America's Choice Inn and Suites was a welcome respite at the clover interchange of exit 119 and I-8 for me and truckers alike.

Dining is humble, indeed, on such tours. Exit 119 featured Subway, a Shell gas station, and El Charro Cafe, 10 steps lower than Chipotle.

What you pack, you get to carry. Can't skimp on food (3 bars/day and 2 scoops of HAMMER products per bottle/20 miles. But you can skimp on clothes, however. But that means one of the end of the daily ride rituals is showering with your laundry and stringing it up to dry before the sun goes down.

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