Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mexico City

January 22--We left Chicago in 12 degree frozen tundra to plummet to sub 0 numbers by night. I'm hoping the sun and warmth of Mexico City's 70 degree days will help burn out my head and chest cold of 12 days that is showing no signs of remitting. Then again, that pedestrians are walking around wearing face masks to defend against the visibly black particled air is not a good predictor for respiratory health. Maybe I'll have to wait till we get to Cancun to get well. Hope I don't descend from virus to bacteria before then.

For a city competing with Tokyo for largest in the world, hovering around the 25 million within the city limits and 50 million in the metro area, we found the Mexico City Airport amazingly empty with no one in line to go through customs, get cabs, etc.

We're staying at a Best Western in Centro Historico one block from the Templo Mayor, the great pyramid of Tenochtitlan, the site of coronations, dedications, human sacrifice, and other important religious and civic events. We walked the partial reconstruction of the pyramid itself and then spent some good time in the museum by the same name.

The Cathedral Metropolitana is outside our hotel window, her church bells bonging out the quarter hours. She looks refined and elegant at night with various domes lighted against the night sky. But by day she looks worn down, decrepit, and far older than her stated years of having been finished in only 1813.

No bike on this trip. Don't think I could ride anyhow with this lingering bug in my head and lungs.

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