Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mexico City--A Day With Frida and Diego

My comfort drink of Early Gray tea misto with steamed leche de soya (steamed soy), honey, and stevia was only a block away at Starbucks. It was a nice accompaniment to an egg white omelet with cactus at VIPS, a Denny's equivalent.

Nourished, we walked a block and a half to Palacio Nacional. Originally the official residence of colonial viceroys, later presidential offices, and today various state departments, the real tourist draw is 18 years worth of Diego Rivera's murals highlighting Mexican history and culture. We hired a guide to help us just begin to take in the immense glory of the work. In one mural alone he captured 1,100 faces.

From the Palace we went to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's home in Coyoacan via the Metro. Their Metro puts Chicago's CTA to shame! For starters it is still only 20 cents to ride anywhere in the city. The price hasn't changed since Kirk was here 20 years ago. Trains come every 1-2 minutes, instead of 5-10. Stations are newer, cleaner and with better signage.

I am such a fan of Frida and Diego's art style, their passion, their content. Their colors are my colors--deep blues, oranges, reds, purples, yellows. Hope we can figure out how to bring some of that into our house someday.

Another short train ride took us to Cafe Gloria, a hip little place where we got some awesome Mahi Mahi ceviche about 3:00. Walking home through Alameda Central, a park created in the early 17th century, we stopped for what has to be my favorite-of-all-time way to visit a museum. This was the Museo Mural Diego Rivera. Not only was it a mural that had to be every bit of 30 yards long, rich with "every man and woman's" silent dreams dreamt on a Sunday afternoon, you are provided with sofa's resplendent with big cushions so you can drink it all in for 30 minutes without your body getting to weary to enjoy.

It was fun to walk home in 75 degree weather, knowing that it was only 8 degrees back home in Chicago, but the impact of polutant grime that is evident everywhere makes birds, trees, buildings, and even people look withered, weary, and much older than they really are.

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Katie said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you have some of your comfort treats along the way, too (i.e., Starbucks).
We learned yesterday that Mya has pneumonia again :( And a double ear infection. But, she is just as chipper as can be. You'd never really know she's sick.
Can't wait to read about your day later on. Love you!