Friday, January 25, 2008

Last Day In Mexico City

And the last night I'll be sleeping on a king sized mattress perched on top of a wooden platform. Best Western forewent the expense of springs. Kirk relocated to the non-pull-out sofa the first night to find a little softness for his tender shoulder. I must say it beats a mattress perched on top of a cement slab as we saw in some of the low rent hotels on Isla Mujeres, the island a fast ferry ride from Cancun.

A 9 passenger van picked us up at 9:00 for a day at the pyramids by way of La Villa de Guadelupe. Our van of tourists turned out to be delightful: two 20-something females from Chile, two 30-something females from Australia, a single 40-something French woman in town for a business meeting, a Mexican 50-something couple from another state in Mexico, and two 60-somethings from Chicago, that would be us. Great conversation transcending the language and culture barriers.

Every Mexican schoolchild knows the story of Juan Diego to whom the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared on three separate occasions at Tepeyac Hill back in 1531. Since then three churches have been built on the site. As a Protestant it's really hard for me to get all that worked up over this piece of textile, but clearly it has meaning for the 15 million people who make the pilgrimage each year.

The pyramids of Teotihuacan are about 30 miles north east of the heart of Mexico City. The pyramid of the sun, third largest in the world, and the pyramid of the moon are remarkably well preserved, and are there for the climbing. That I was able to climb both is a testament to my physical healing. I had to experience the climb of Chichen Itza vicariously through Kirk a few years ago.

Tomorrow will take us to Cancun. We dream of wave sounds from the day we leave to the day we return, nearly 1,100 days.

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