Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 In The Books

Numbers were big in 2006, the year of the Southern Transcontinental from San Diego to Tybee Island, GA. The mileage in '06 also had a recognizable, seasonally dependent bell shaped curve, save the spike in September when I was transconning. 2007 has a few outlying peaks and valleys worthy of a note.

In June 2007 Kirk and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise for two weeks immediately followed by my crewing for RAAM for a week. So, in all of June I only rode 8 days.

October would have had 225 more miles had I not abortred the Cochise after only 27 miles making October 2007 look much like October in 2005 and 2006. (For Cochise details go to the rides labeled Cochise Classic).

Mid November I began working with Bart Bowen, a cycling coach, from Carpe Diem Coaching out in Bend, OR. That days are short this time of year, that weather is unpredictably unfriendly toward riders, and that I live in a very urban, Necco Wafer flat part of the world, my Bart work is done in the trainer. I've produced a very steady effort in the trainer, but it is not a way to bulk up on miles. So, December saw me outdoors only about 4 times and for only short distances in order to save my strength for the trainer workout.

And so, 2007 is in the books; 2008 awaits with expectation; and 2009 dances with the sugar plums of another Transcon with PAC Tour. :-)

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