Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mighty Mice

The dead mouse count is up to 14; no idea what the live-in-the-walls mouse count is. But I'm sure they've had plenty of time to recapitulate and multiply.

We have tried Aerex, the local pest control panel van; our mice survive the decon.

We have tried putting our Fletcher's food dish in the refrigerator cutting off the mice's food source. All we got from that was Fletcher prancing and howling over our sleeping bodies for food in the middle of the night. Why, you ask, doesn't Fletcher catch the mice? Well, he's 16 1/2 and is on Feline Social Security Disability. He actually was a mighty hunter in his younger day bringing home bunny and bird head trophies, quite a feat (feet) when he has no front claws.

We hired Sears ($165) to come clean the inside of the gas oven, down under the sub-flooring, where the mice population pooped and pooped, and pooped some more while stashing a WHOLE BOWL of Fletcher's kibbles.

I have set qzillion mouse traps, the spring loaded kind, and they learned to snatch the cheese without even springing the trip wire. Peanut butter does seem to work better; they have to linger, none of this drive through, grab and go fast food stuff. But how many nights am I willing to set traps?

We've tried the sticky pads; boy I hate those. We did catch one that way; he/she drug the whole rat-sized pad under the stove! The rest sit in the ready position. They have learned to just walk around them.

It's in the teens around here with 6+ inches of snow on the ground (maybe the snow will keep them warm??) and probably not an ideal time for construction folks to seal off any cracks in the foundation.

But I am hopeful. Maria, a friend of ours, suggested two VICTOR products. (I'll call them VICTORY products, if they end up working. Anyhow, one is a high frequency sound blaster you plug into your wall outlet making your room a hostile environment for your rodent population. The other is a little trap/box that when entered the mouse steps on a little pad it is electrocuted instantly via a charge from 4 AA batteries. We'll see, my fingers are crossed.

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