Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Big BAM on Old Grand

September 30th it rained in the night. My riding partner for the 30th had to cancel so I thought I'd re-ride the North Shore Century Route, a beautiful route for a beautiful day.

Just after going under the underpass on Old Grand in Gurnee between O'Plaine and Delaney, BAM! No warning, no nothing. Down before I even knew what happened. I had been heading east. My bike is now heading west, my body still heading east, bent under my bent (the term of endearment for recumbents). Often what happens in a tumble is one foot does not come uncleated and the combination of the frame on top of the rider and the angle of the foot in the cleat, you can't uncleat. Sometimes you can reach your shoe buckle, release the buckle (kinda like that of a ski binding buckle) and get your foot out of the shoe while the shoe remains on the pedal. That was the scenario Sunday. A couple of other cyclists were passing so they were helpful too. I was 35 miles into the ride so dusted off and rode on completing the 100 miles easily.

But, the lingering consequence is some nagging bone bruises on the Tib/Fib head and some torque and inflammation to the tendons to that lovely muscle, the Extensor Digitorum Longus and Peroneus Longus. I've been nursing them, limiting my mileage and being prayerful that it won't interfere with this Saturday's Cochise 252.

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Katie said...

Enjoying the posts, Mom! I will be prayerful of you and thinking of you on Saturday. How are your bruised bones holding up?