Friday, August 24, 2007

Sparta But Not Quite To Elroy

Kinda cool, Denise literally rides from her house in Muskegon onto the ferry also in Muskegon and I pick her up in Milwaukee. We were going to ride the Sparta to Elroy trail in SW Wisconsin on Thursday before the Recumbent Rally at the Hostel Shoppe in Stevens Point, WI. It was a slow go to Sparta via I 94--a fatal accident for the driver of a dune buggy.

Sparta is really a sweet town. Lots of community pride, love of cycling abounds, but haute cuisine there is not. There was dinner at Taco Bell and lunch at The Greens. Now that I was looking forward to. Had to be either an organic place or a restaurant owned/operated by the Greens who had to be into healthy food. NOT, again. It was a restaurant whose most elegant item was Cod Loins with cheesy fries. It was, however, situated pleasantly on the greens of the local golf course.

Riding was beautiful. Reminded me of Michigan. Don't know if Denise would say the same. It did rain some so we aborted a trail ride and stayed on the streets paralleling the Sparta to Elroy trail. And, we made up our own routes.

Passed these two young girls who had found a new way to walk the dog. The girl not pushing the buggy is from London visiting relatives for a month in Sparta. That had to be culture shock! Dog in a buggy aside.

Sparta is also the home of the Deke Slayton Bicycle and Space Museum. Interesting combo. Deke was famous by his own rights as a US Air Forcepilot, he was chosen as one of the original seven American Astronauts in 1959 . He was scheduled to fly in 1962 on the second orbital flight but due to an erratic heart rate he was grounded, and his place was taken by Scott Carpenter. Slayton was the only member of the Mercury Seven who did not fly on the Mercury program. He eventually flew the final mission of the Apollo spacecraft. But Deke was famous in our house as we watched over and over again Hollywood's version of the NASA's Mercury Program, The Right Stuff.

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