Saturday, August 18, 2007

Short 15

This was to have been a 200 miler, but alas, I got a late start (5:30 a.m.), had some technical issues with my electronic "toys", (Garmin and Power Tap Hub Batteries),and my route was waaaay too traffic-heavy so I quit at 185.

The graphic shows the route via Google Maps which is car-only friendly--from home to Waterford, WI. I had routed myself with my Garmin GPS what I thought would be bike friendly, but alas, I lost between 30-40 minutes just trying to cross impossible, impassible roads. Traffic was so intense through some of those booming Lake County burbs.

The good news is I learned about some roads that will be fun to ride for my next 200--Hales Corners, WI by way of Kenosha and Waterford.

I stopped by the Waterford Bike Frame Building Factory, said "hi" to the frame builders and got excited with them about the new Volae ES that is going into production next week. The frame can be taken apart for the ease of pack&go via the airlines. Looks like that bike is in my future for some semi-self-contained touring planned for 2008 to GA and NH. I had a chance to ride it last weekend at the Hostel Shoppe Recumbent Rally in Stevens Point, WI.

Got home in time for a wonderful dinner out with Kirk. How could a day be better?

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