Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mitey Bites

Let there be no confusion, Mitey Bites are not savory; no, not in the least!

Along with its bunny boom this season, Chicago has had a boom of the Oak Gall Mites, sometime also called Itch Mites. They have made the news in the Chicago Tribune, and the Department of Public Health. Tonight I even heard they made World News!

These little pesky critters are nearly invisible. Not only that, but they bite today and you don't start to itch until as many as 12 hours later. Then you get to itch for up to two weeks. But, because I'm so special, I get to itch for up to four weeks. Don't know if it's because I'm out so much on my bike or what, but I'm covered with these fiery itches that just don't quit.

Never thought I'd hear myself say I look forward to the first killer frost. But if that's what it takes to kill of these buggers, I'm for it.

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