Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Record--Can We Break It?

After everyone got over their heat exhaustion and all our racers were able to ride again, we had lost too much ground to The Hoosiers, the other team of 60 year olds who were our most direct competition. It didn’t look like we would be able to break the record for 60 year olds.

The riders’ spirits were down as heat, fatigue, cramped quarters, and disappointment about the record sank in. Then one of our racers, who’s a numbers wizard, said

“Wait a minute. If we put all 4 of us out on the road at the same time and we work together in a pace line, averaging 23-24 miles per hour for the last 100 miles, we can still break the record.”

Lots of excitement, chaos, and scramble to get all the rides out on the road at the same place at the same time while abiding by the myriad RAAM rules (most all of which are grounded in rider and crew safety). We did it, though, got them all out there, and they rode their hearts out.

They did, indeed, BREAK the old record. But, they did not SET a new record, as The Hoosiers averaged 0.1 of a mph faster than our guys. Not bad at all for a race that’s 3,043 miles long.

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