Sunday, July 29, 2007

3,043 miles, 4 riders, 10 crew—The Plan

If the route is divided equally, each rider would ride 750 miles. To break the pre-2007 record by a team of 60 year olds, we will arrive in Atlantic City on June 19th. Since each year’s route is slightly different, the average mph for the crossing is the “true” number to chase, not hours:days:minutes.

Three support vehicles will support Team 60 Going Hard—a 39 foot mobile home, which I unkindly named either The Beached Whale or The Beast, and two mini vans. The mobile home would be “home base” where crew and riders would sleep and eat their meals. There would be four (4) permanent residents in the mobile home—the two drivers, the crew chief, and me—the domestique, a term given to the servants of riders in The Tour De France. As domestique I would be responsible for meal preparation and clean up, rider massages, laundry, and assuring each of the riders had “The Right Stuff” in his bottles before and after each of his rides, or pulls as they are called. Sounds simple enough.

I chose the domestique role because I know painfully well what a hard time I have staying awake on long distance road trips. This was to be a truly long road trip with expected sleep deprivation. Plus, I would be starting RAAM exactly 24 hours after returning from Venice. Just a little jet lag to deal with.

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