Friday, June 01, 2007

May 31-Florence

Birth of the Renaissance--1400-1550--Michaelangelo, Donatello, Columbus, Galileo, Gutenberg, Luther, and Leonardo.

Combine my being an experiential learner with being intensely goal-focused in college; I missed out big time in a liberal arts education. (Thank goodness for Kirk who could be a docent for many things as well as a sports commentator). It's hard even for me to study up ahead of time because it's all just words on a page. But being there, seeing, feeling, hearing the energy of 700-2,000 years ago, oh my goodness, I think I'm beginning to like history!

We came into port in Livorno, the gateway to Tuscany. A two hour bus ride got us to Florence. We could see the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the bus. The LT of P recently got a new "orthotic" for its base correcting its lilt by 48 centimeters! That's quite a bit, I'd say.

We self-guided our own tour, of Florence thanks to Rick Steves' Guide Book. Got ourselves into the museum-groove at the Bargello seeing various iterations of David before Michelangelo created THE David that now lives at the Accademia. We couldn't get tickets for the Uffizi, but we saw many sides of the Duomo, Ghiberti's Baptistery Doors, Giotto's Tower (which Kirk climbed--all 413 steps); the 14 foot DAVID replica in the Palazza Vecchio Courtyard, and the Santa Croce Cathedral where Michelangelo is buried.

When I'm finally able to upload my pictures to the web, these narratives will truly come to life.

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