Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 7 - Easy Come Easy Go

I had been so excited to discover the ship had soy milk making possible my comfort bev of Soy Tea Lattes. But alas, the 6 quarts of soy milk on board for 3,000 passengers that we started our voyage with were consumed less than half-way through the cruise! The coffers were to be restocked in Istanbul, but alas, no soy milk and not to be for the rest of the trip. :(

A small miracle! In returning to the ship from Kusadasi there was a Starbucks. Lovely, as the English would say. I saw a couple of Starbucks from the window of the bus in Athens, but it wasn't worth missing getting on the boat to quest after a Bucky's.

On the way to Corinth we stopped to admire the incredible Corinth Canal an engineering marvel about 4 miles long, 200 feet deep, and the width of a medium sized boat. I visited a roadside shop hoping for some snackables that could meet my dietary criteria. Low and behold, I found nuts and apricots!

Public tran in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and France put the CTA to shame!. The trains and buses are modern, clean, fast, and on time. Signage is easy to use AND there are electronic marquis at each station, even bus stops, announcing when the next train or bus will arrive. Why can't we have something like that?

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