Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 2--Naples

Your spirit and your body can only do so much heavy-duty touring before you ache to re-balance. So today was our day to do just that. An option had been to figure out the public tran and go to Pompeii to see the ruins after Mount Vesuvius erupted. But The Chicago Field Museum's exhibit about two years ago was so excellent; it was hard to imagine the end justifying the means, at least today.

We meandered ashore, Naples being right next to the seaport. This was the first day on this trip we were accosted by all sorts of folk hawking their wares and hustling a buck, including wanting to help us across the street! Not a bad idea, actually, because the cars and motos have never heard of pedestrian right of way and there are no cross walks with civilized buttons to push to change the light. There basically aren't even lights! Parents just push their baby stroller out into the traffic hoping for infant mercy. Seems to work.

In some places the side walks are only on one side of the street. The other side having maybe only 6 inches of space between you and cars whizzing at 40+ mph. Cross to the other side, you say. Good idea, but the cars never stop, so how to cross 4 lanes of traffic? I'm not sure.

Today was a national holiday for the Italians, June 2nd, Unification Day. So all the stores had their sidewalk sales. Mobs upon mobs, and lots of fun to walk amongst the junk. We were open to buying if there was anything we wanted. Only thing we saw was a gelato and sorbet.

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Katie said...

Does Dad tire of touring, too? I can see him eating it up indefinitely.