Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sat'R Day to Saturdays

The Sat'R Day, Bike Friday's folding recumbent, was to have been my ticket to international bike touring. But when I couldn't get the Sat'R Day seat to fit my body AND climb steep grades, I decided to switch my focus from international touring to ultradistance cycling whose rides usually start on Saturdays.

My initial foray into randonneuring, those long rambles that range from 120 to 750 miles, (Randonneurs speak in terms of kilometers which would be 200k to 1200 k) was at Desert Camp, a pleasant 200k from Sierra Vista, to Nogales and back (AZ). I'm well acquainted with the 120-200 mile distances, but not as unsupported rides. The hallmark of randonneuring is to be self-sufficient. Mini marts and fellow riders are fair game for replenishing the musette (a feedbag handed out in a feed zone of a multi-stage race such as the Tour de France), or helping with a roadside mechanical repair.

This riding season I'm planning a 200, 300, and 400 km brevet, all of which start on Saturday, and all of which start in Delavan, WI in April and May. These will all be good training for the 252 mile ride planned in mid October in Douglas, AZ the Cochise Classic, which also starts on Saturday. :))

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