Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, when I decided Bike Friday's Sat'R Day, the folding recumbent packable in an airline compatible suitcase, wasn't going to be a fit for me, I shifted my focus from rough roading international travel to ultradistance Randonneuring. (www.rusa.org and wwwultracycling.com). The Great Lakes Randonneurs is my local chapter. (www.glrando.org).

The first "bene" of my membership was to receive a distribution list email from the Great Lakes Chapter inviting interested members to crew for a 4-man RAAM (Race Across America) team. (www.raceacrossamerica.org)

So happens that 3 of the 4 men on the team are riders I shared the Southern Transcontinental with: Larry Gitman, Paul Danhaus, and Walt Chapman! They are challenging the 60 year old age division record of 6 days: 20 hours: 27 minutes. A few calls later and I booked my flight to San Diego which will leave only 6 hours after my return from a Mediterranean Cruise. I think this will be my crash course in sleep dep in preparation for 1200km, 750 mile Paris-Brest-Paris (known as PBP) ride in 2011. (www.rusa.org/pbp)

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