Saturday, March 17, 2007

Desert Camp--Heading Back To Tucson

A most successful week. Excellent riding, good fellowship, some new learnings, and a definitive commitment to train for Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), which is to Randonneuring what the Boston Marathon is to running, or Hawaii Ironman is to triathlons. PBP is a 750 mile (1200K) solo, self-supported ride to be completed in 92 hours or less. It's held only every 4 years. I won't be ready for 2007, so 2011 will, more than likely, be my only shot since I'll be 65 in 2011. To qualify one must complete a 200, 300, 400, and 600K ride in prescribed times in the year you want to do the 1200k.

The ride home to Tucson was an experience in opposites--80 degrees, 10 mph winds, 6% descent over those 40 miles we climbed at 55 degrees and forced backwards by a 40 mph wind. It was the ride back that confirmed for me I did NOT have the desire or legs to ride back up that grade the next day plus all the other hills between Tucson and Tombstone for the 300K.

I decided to make up my own century around Tucson for Saturday just relishing in the warmth, and soaking in the memories of Desert Camp 2007.

Maybe next year I'll sign up for Mountain Week. That would be staring the Javelina in the eye and not backing down.

Now, onward for training for the Cochise 252 in mid-October.

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