Monday, March 05, 2007

Desert Camp Day 2 --Coronado Loop

Temps today were not much different than yesterday, but the wind was 15-20 instead of yesterday's daunting 30-40. The route was basically flat and desert lush. The cool is apparent in Veronica's (from Alaska who had just run a 100 mile race 2 weeks before Desert Camp) and Lon's shivered stance.

The Palominas Trading Post was recommended for its homemade pies. But only about 3 pies are baked each day so you have to be an early riser if you want to satisfy your pie hankering. I, for one, was more into the indoor plumbing. To make my way to the restroom I had to first wend my way through a sea of bumper stickers: "Annoy a liberal: work, succeed, be happy" and then through 7 pairs of eyes peering out from under ten gallon hats and over grizzled cheeks prickled with the stubble of harvested October corn. Their galvanized glare burned through my Lycra shorts and clown-bright jersey. I too was camou'ed under helmet and goggled shades.
The pie waitress, who bore the hopeless, all used-up resemblance of "Brokeback Mountain's" Alma, pointed in the direction of the water closet.

I had actually considered pie, but decided upon fig newtons served in culture at the PAC rest stop just 3 miles up the road.

Lon had reminded us to carry protective gear in case there was a change in the weather. He reminisced about a time the weather changed on him in these parts and the only shelter to be found were the discards of illegal aliens seeking safe passage across the desert. I remember thinking he must have been quite lucky that day. My soul was wrenched by El Norte comfort as I rode by enough discards to warm nearly all our PAC riders.