Saturday, March 17, 2007

Desert Camp--Bisbee Loop

After the first couple of days the weather couldn't have been nicer--bright blue skies, cool mornings, warming to the high 70's to mid 80's by afternoon.

Bisbee, a thriving copper mining community from the 1880's until the mid-70's retains its charm, with buildings lovingly restored for browsing, noshing, and sipping fine coffees from local beaneries. Bisbee is also nestled into the sides of the Mule Mountains which can only be negotiated by going over Mule Pass, a climb I remember well from the Cochise Classic 157 in 2005. It was good to ride it again in anticipation of experiencing it in the 3:00 a.m. darkness for the Cochise Classic 252 miler this Fall. It's called the 8 and 38--8 mph up the mountain and 38 mph down the mountain. (I know some of the riders will take it at more daring speeds of 48 or 50 mph. Guess I'm showing either my age or wisdom. Don't know which).

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