Friday, March 16, 2007

Desert Camp--200K Brevet

While the other riders stayed closer to Sierra Vista, 13 of us rode a 200K brevet from Sierra Vista to the Nogales Airport and back, the Nogales Internatioal Airport I might add. Nogales sits right on the Mexico/AZ border. The planes that sat on the tarmac were sky worthy only to fly as far as the border, I'm certain of that.

I've been really spooked by this brevet thing primarily because it is unsupported. While I have handily ridden the 200 and 300K distances and more, it has always been with the knowing that there was a bail out option, i.e. support somewhere within the range of accessibility. Not so on the brevets. The closest help in time of need is that of a passing minivan or, more likely in the desert, a pick-up truck.

But if I'm going to do this randonneuring thing, then I had best bite the bullet and ride the ride. The weather was right, I had friends on the route, albeit pretty scattered given that it was just 13 of us over 200k (125 miles), and I knew the route.

The ride was wonderful. Lots of hills, climbs, descents, an intersection called Sonoita, a cute, very cute, little town of Patagonia, and then the crown jewel, the turn around point, the Nogales International Airport.

My success of the day inspired me to plan to do the 300K on Saturday, but I reserved the right to decide on Friday seeing how my legs were feeling after a couple more days of riding in the mountains.